Integration with Companies House, a new landing page, and new pricing!

Integration with Companies House, a new landing page, and new pricing!

We’ve been busy over the last few months with lots of improvements which I’m excited to tell you all about.

New Landing Page!

The biggest thing to announce is that we have created a new slick marketing website which is now live at It’s taken a lot of work from everyone at Brevis to get this up and running, and we are really pleased with the result. The new website focuses a lot more on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) features of the Brevis app because we believe in the value that these techniques can bring to customers.

There are a number of reasons we haven’t stuck with our existing domain of We wanted our new website address to by more consistent with the Brevis app’s address, we wanted the marketing website to use the Brevis company name, and we wanted to highlight our AI capabilities. All in all we really love the new marketing website, and we hope you do too!

This move to has also coincided with moving web hosting companies as well. We’ve been using WiX for our marketing website since Brevis began, and it has served us well in getting off the ground. However, we weren’t completely happy with some aspects of the web hosting, and we wanted to customise the marketing website in ways that we just couldn’t do with WiX without having to spend significant money.

We took the decision to setup the new website using WordPress, and using AWS as the hosting provider. This means we have much more control over the entire marketing website ecosystem, allowing us to customise the experience much more easily.

New Features!

Whilst we have been busy revamping the marketing website, we have recently released a number of exciting features of the Brevis app, and plan to release some more shortly, which means we have outgrown our initial “Early Access” special discount for Brevis. Our most recent features* include:

  • iXBRL tagging of the statements for use with corporation tax illustrations.
  • Connection to Companies House allowing information about a company to be retrieved automatically, saving you time when adding a new company.
  • Upgraded Xero integration which means when uploading a trial balance directly from Xero the Brevis app now automatically tags every line of it (this assumes the normal Xero chart of accounts codes are used).

* To see all the recent changes for the current version of the app, visit our changelog. Whereas, to see upcoming changes for the next version of the app, visit our development changelog.

Along with these features for the Brevis app, we have now made it even easier to get started with Brevis. We’ve integrated our marketing website with the Brevis app, which means that new customers are able to sign up to Brevis immediately, activate a 14 day trial, and get stuck straight into accounts production. For more information on our latest pricing of the Brevis app, and to start your free trial, see

Now that we have the new marketing website up and running, we can really focus on our direction moving forward. We have a number of exciting avenues to explore including corporation tax, full FRS102 statutory accounts, improved intelligent tagging, and more, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated with future blog posts.