Going Full Time and iXBRL Release 🎉

Going Full Time and iXBRL Release 🎉

When we were first talking seriously about Brevis back in 2016, all four of us in the team still had full time jobs. We would meet at weekends, evenings, and many other times we could squeeze into our schedules to try and progress. This has been perfect for us over the last few years whilst we were testing the water.

We built an app, we designed a brand, and started to get some customers. We’ve reached out to family and friends, and they have faithfully backed us along the way, and for that we are truly thankful.

Now that we are consistently generating interest from customers, we’re convinced that there’s a substantial opportunity here for us to grow! In order to take this seriously, Stuart and I have signed full time contracts with Brevis. This means we’ll be spending substantially more time on the product and on growing the business. We’ll still be doing some consulting work in order to develop our network and keep a roof over our heads, and our search for institutional funding will also kick up a notch!

This means you’ll see updates arrive quicker for the product, which is good for our existing customers. Also keep your eyes out for collaborations with some of the major accountancy membership bodies.

We’re all excited about this opportunity because for the first time we can truly focus our attention on Brevis, and to celebrate this occasion, we thought it would be fitting to announce our newest feature, iXBRL tagging! 🎉🎉🎉

To download the iXBRL tagged detailed profit and loss, simply navigate to the statements page and click on the “Download iXBRL” button in the statements toolbar. This allows our users to submit their accounts to HMRC more easily, and paves the way for automatic submissions. Getting this done has been a real joint effort from Stuart and myself as I don’t have the depth of accounting knowledge required that Stuart brings. As a team, we think this feature marks the beginning of a whole host of new features which will make Brevis a complete compliance solution for businesses, and we’re excited to keep up the pace.

As we get closer to product market fit, we’re also raising the price to be more in line with the market’s expectations. Soon we’ll be increasing the early access price to £90 per user licence, closer to the full release price of £250 per licence that we are aiming for. We’re still giving out early access benefits, including a price lock at the price you’ve paid – let us know if you’d like to hear more!

We’ve got the following features coming up in future releases:

  • Improvements to our machine learning and AI features, including additional tagging automation when uploading from Xero.
  • Improvements to the statements generation workflow, paving the way for new compliance reports.
  • Further improvements to the user experience in order to save you time.