Custom Disclosures, Improved Statements, and URL Update Release 🎉
Custom disclosures will make it even easier to file your statutory accounts.

Custom Disclosures, Improved Statements, and URL Update Release 🎉

As the month, year, and decade (!) draws to a close, we’ve been busy at Brevis implementing some nice features that will make creating statutory accounts in 2020 even easier. I’ll highlight a few of those features below.

It is now possible to add custom text disclosures to the financial statements. For instance, some companies must disclose any contingent liabilities they may have on their financial statements, and up until now, this hasn’t been easily achievable with Brevis. With the introduction of custom text disclosures, you can simply click on the “Add text disclosure” button on the Company Info page, fill in the form, and the disclosure will appear at the end of the financial statements, just before the management information pages. You can use this feature to add any text to the end of the financial statements, making it a powerful customisation feature that we think you’ll find very useful.

Sticking with the statements page, the notes column, of the Statement of Income and Retained Earnings and the Statement of Financial Position tables, will be hidden if there are no notes to reference. This streamlines the look of the financial statements for companies with simple statutory accounts.

Moving on to the app in general, we have updated the way the browser saves the various pages you visit when using the Brevis app. The result is that your browser history will now show which sequence of pages you visited in the Brevis app (/company-info, /balances, /statements etc) meaning it is much easier to return to a previous page, as well as see the title of the Brevis app page currently being displayed in the Browser tab.

Finally, we’ve updated many of the libraries we use to build the Brevis app to the latest versions as part of our continuous effort to make sure your data is safe and secure. You can check the full list of changes for this release (1.0.0-beta.10) here.

Alongside the features above, we’ve also been working hard on corporation tax for small companies and hope to have it integrated into the Brevis app soon. This is exciting for us as it means the Brevis app will be a complete solution for a company’s compliance and tax related tasks. Watch this space.