Brevis: Mission Statement

Brevis: Mission Statement

To our customers and our shareholders:

Brevis has passed the threshold from a bedroom idea to a living, breathing business. The product has passed the threshold features to be viable, and our first foray into sales and marketing has begun. The journey has already posed problems to us that we hadn’t and coudn’t have foreseen, and the team has risen admirably to meet them.

This letter and blog represents our way to communicate what we’ve achieved, what we wish to achieve, how we see the problems that face the market, and anything else that we found interesting on our journey.

A Future for Financial Reporting

It is important that strategic decisions, both internally and externally, are made from the same point of reference. It is important that complex, multi layered information is presented over both long term and short term windows. It is important that such presentation can be created quickly and painlessly. Our goal is to make sure that comparable, relevant, reliable, and timely financial statements expand their role in the modern economy.

Customer Obsession

Despite other industries celebrating the rapid shift to online services almost twenty years ago, it feels as though day 1 has finally arrived in the accounting market. With the move to cloud based systems, an obsession with customers is a must in order to play a major role in the market. We will make sure that our customers enjoy the best value and best experience possible, regardless of whether they are a preparer or consumer of financial statements.

New Technologies

It is our conviction that novel technologies and adoption of best practices will revolutionise the way that information is generated and shared in the financial reporting space. Whether in the platform already or not, we will continue to explore the ways that machine learning, web APIs, and modern front end frameworks can improve the value of accounts and accountants. It’s our intention to talk about what we have learnt in this process; we believe solutions to these problems will elevate the industry as a whole.

Calm, Collected Decision Making (aka Long Term Thinking)

We believe that to tackle complex problems properly, decisions at every stage must be sound. Software businesses represent an infrastructure of technology and processes that are created, layer by layer. Every stage must rely on another to function smoothly, and we believe to build a long term profitable business, every investment into process, code, or people should have a long useful economic life. This isn’t to say we won’t seek feedback early and often; we believe that information is necessary to make good decisions.

The Next 12 Months

The coming year is crucial for the survival of the business. The overriding goal for the year is to expand our core group of customers. These customers are forward thinking accountants who wish to chart a course together with us. We want to ensure this group is as diverse, energetic and creative as possible. We’re looking for people who share the same customer obsession as we do.

This is an exciting time for us, as we look to accelerate our growth and stake out a serious position in the market. We’re thankful for those customers and investors who have believed in us up to this point.

Onwards and upwards,

Stuart A. Cobbe.